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Trends in mortality due to non-communicable diseases in the Brazilian adult population: national and subnational estimates and projections for 2030

Background - Monitoring and reducing premature mortality due to non-communicable diseases (NCDs) is a global priority of[…]

Physical inactivity as a risk factor for all-cause mortality in Brazil (1990–2017)

Background - The aim of this study was to estimate the mortality from all causes as a[…]

Trends in prevalence and mortality burden attributable to smoking, Brazil and federated units, 1990 and 2017

Background - The present study sought to analyze smoking prevalence and smoking-attributable mortality estimates produced by the[…]

The burden of non-communicable diseases attributable to high BMI in Brazil, 1990–2017: findings from the Global Burden of Disease Study

Background - The prevalence and burden of disease resulting from obesity have increased worldwide. In Brazil, more[…]

Association between firearms and mortality in Brazil, 1990 to 2017: a global burden of disease Brazil study

Background - Brazil leads the world in number of firearm deaths and ranks sixth by country in[…]

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Carga de Doenças Cardiovasculares Atribuível aos Fatores de Risco nos Países de Língua Portuguesa: Dados do Estudo “Global Burden of Disease 2019”

Fundamento - O impacto dos fatores de risco (FR) sobre a morbimortalidade por doença cardiovascular (DCV) na[…]

The burden of neck pain in Brazil: estimates from the global burden of disease study 2019

Background - This study analyzed neck pain estimates in Brazil and its states between 2000 and 2019,[…]

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