Assunto: Fator de risco

Physical inactivity as a risk factor for all-cause mortality in Brazil (1990–2017)

Background - The aim of this study was to estimate the mortality from all causes as a[…]

Trends in prevalence and mortality burden attributable to smoking, Brazil and federated units, 1990 and 2017

Background - The present study sought to analyze smoking prevalence and smoking-attributable mortality estimates produced by the[…]

Health impacts caused by excessive sodium consumption in Brazil: results of the GBD 2019 study

Introduction - Excessive sodium consumption is associated with increased blood pressure, which is an important risk factor[…]

Fatores de risco relacionados à carga global de doença do Brasil e Unidades Federadas, 2015

Objetivo - Analisar a carga global de doença, quanto aos anos de vida ajustados por incapacidade (disability[…]

Burden of non-communicable diseases attributable to dietary risks in Brazil, 1990-2019: an analysis of the Global Burden of Disease Study 2019

Introduction - An unhealthy diet is a modifiable risk factor for non-communicable diseases (NCDs), one of the[…]

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